a personal operating system to help you accomplish your deepest desires.
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hyper personalization with AI
an operating system for every part of you
what you eat, how you feel, and what you do
who you love, trust, and spend time with
how you spend, save and earn wealth
smart reminders
connecting the parts that makes you, you
a healthier you
you still need to walk 1268 steps for today’s goal
a better friend
don’t forget to get Sam a present for his birthday
a wealthier you
you overspent on your daily budget by $170
for your personal growth
to help you become a better version of you
David. A fierce and harsh mentor that helps you become tougher.
Iroh. A calm wise mentor to help you accomplish inner peace.
Samantha. Highly empathetic to help you feel better about yourself.
your personal operating system
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